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We deliver cloud-based and mobile software that is customised to suit your process, your context, your needs. We start with our job management software platform and apps, and customise to suit.

> Plant-based systems for paperless processing of customer jobs

> Remote worker app’s and systems to track, measure, and deliver data back to base

> Customer-interface for your current ERP system to deliver information efficiently

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We work with job-based businesses including remote workers and factory/plant-based operations. Our speciality is customised job management software built on top of our proven platform.

– Complete service from conception to completion

– Build from our range of apps or create your own

– Design service including prototyping

– Workflow mapping and consulting on pathways to obtain your goals

– Full training & on-site support available



The way steel items are processed through a galvanizing plant makes the tracking cumbersome and often complex if operating on a paper based system. Customer items to be galvanized are split up to fit on the jigs that go through the in-plant process. This means that tracking of items, quantities, types, and then weighing at the end to produce an invoice requires a lot of communication. Jobsheet has solved this with a simple to use web-app and an in-plant tablet app.


  • Communication about jobs and items should be easy to update in one central place
  • Individual item tracking through the process
  • Staff are able to enter data easily at all points along the line (and not double-up on data entry)
  • Compliance & safety documentation is able to be created at the end of the process automatically
  • Invoices are fast to create with all information already available to simply then approve
  • Automated weights reporting for fast KPI report creation each month
  • Historical records that are easy to find for sending to customers when required


Our stakeholders were the people using the system day in and day out as well owners. The user experience required very little training and introduction which meant it was fast to get up and running. They also wanted it to fulfil their need for a complete tool for all aspects of their job. The result was a platform that manages the process from customer call, to the production of final documentation on thickness tests and weights, to an invoice, and finally to reporting on performance.

Tablet app

Android or iOS (can also work on phones)

The tablet app allows a plant to go paperless in the control of jigs and items through the galvanising process. Included in the standard app is a jig builder, full admin control over your workflow, compliance checks, recording weights & thickness testing, and customer documentation.

Each customer gets their own individualised copy of the app so they are able to customise to requirements without restriction. 

Customers can integrate ERP & job systems into the in-plant app as a stand-alone app or use it with our cloud-based job management tools.

OFFICE web app

To control the process of receiving goods and invoicing the base Jobsheet web application for job management was updated to suit. Included was specific reports for weights, item data field updates, complete by dates for individual items, and more. We were able to deliver hours saved per day on just weight reporting. With just a few clicks weights for any date range along with revenue for those jobs can be accessed.

This can be used as a stand alone as first stage or can be included with the tablet app. Both are able to be used independently. 


hours saved per month on data entry for one person
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hours saved per year on mistakes
items tracked per year
iPads introduced in-plant for item tracking

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